"Everything is changed."


I started CrossFit in December 2014. As a triathlete and cyclist, I had problems with repetitive stress injuries in my knees and shoulders and after each setback, I gained weight. By December 2016 I weighed 238 pounds.

And then I joined Hyte CrossFit and that’s when everything changed.

In January 2017 I joined the New You Challenge. With the help of the coaches, I began the Paleo diet and worked on endurance and strength training. After 12 weeks, I’d lost over 20 pounds and 4 inches from my waist. My confidence soared!

CrossFit is now my daily routine, and it has given me faster swim/bike times. I no longer get tired during long bike rides (40-50 miles), my weight has stabilized at 218 pounds and my body fat has dropped 8%. I have never felt better, mentally or physically!

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